2014-2015 Calendar Highlights

September 1st
Zman Begins!

September 25th & 26th
Rosh Hoshana together with Yeshiva Staff

October 4th
Yom Kippur

October 5th
Sukkot Break Begins

October 21st – 22nd
Tiyul Up North

December 20th
Chanuka In-Shabbos

January 7th & 8th
Tiyul in the South

February 9th-11th


March 6th
Shushan Purim

March 27th – April 12th
Pesach Break

April 23rd
Yom Ha’atzma’ut

April 25th
Yeshiva Shabbaton

May 24th
Shavuos - Walk to Kotel

June 13th
Yeshiva Shabbaton

June 16th
Farewell Banquet


This list outlines the basic calendar. The complete Kesher year contains many more additional activities. Students will see Israel from top to bottom, from museums and hikes to the variety of historical sites to visit. All dates referenced are subject to change.