About Kesher

As young adults, it is common to reach crossroads in life with questions. Kesher’s open-minded yet stimulating program is a unique opportunity for self-discovery.

Kesher offers a judgment-free environment to examine your values, ask questions, develop life skills and explore Judaism. Our diverse and talented rebbeim, guidance counselors and therapists work together to provide a warm and supportive atmosphere.

Every student chooses a custom tailored schedule in order to best meet his needs. Shiurim vary from discussion-based classes on Jewish philosophy to exploring prayer to traditional gemara learning. There is a strong focus on maintaining a low teacher/student ratio and one-on-one attention is provided to each student. Aside from actual class time, there are mentors and guidance counselors on staff who are always there to lend an open ear and a helping hand, or even just hang out. A significant aspect of the Kesher experience is creating a sense of family and community, staff and students alike.